The Adventures of The One Hand Bandit and The Slum Computer Wizard

A year in the making... my collaborative debut with Ryan-O'Neil. Classic boom bap with a modern twist. If you listen to "Get Low" and don't feel like fucking, something is wrong with you, not us. Ryan's lyrical dexterity is on display throughout all of these cuts, especially "100 MCs" where he slowly strangles the English language into submission. I tried to stick to the basics on this one and let the Bandit do his thing. Buy the album on the left with any credit card.


1 Intro
2 Killer Combo
3 One Hand Bandit
4 Do You Feel Me? (feat. J-iLL)
5 Kerosene Speaks
6 Home
7 Get Down!
8 Slum Computer Wizard
9 Respect (feat. Prince Po)
10 Smooth Talker
11 Get Low (feat. Crystal Joy)
12 NYC Burn
13 Kerosene Speaks
14 Paper Planes
15 Tribal Clap (feat. Hicoup & Tense & Kerosene)
16 She Got A Body
17 Hustle (feat. Tense)
18 Must Be Love
19 Kerosene Speaks
20 100 MCs
21 Thanks